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Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

If a Phase I ESA concludes that an environmental problem may exist, GEM Corp. is often retained to implement a Phase II investigation to confirm the presence of a problem and to help determine its scope.

Phase II ESAs can vary greatly in scope depending on the site specific conditions. A Phase II ESA can consist of a small number of surface soil samples to assess the levels of potential contamination at the surface, to installing multiple groundwater monitoring wells and soil borings to define the extent of impact in the subsurface. We utilize a variety of investigative techniques to complete Phase II work including surface soil sampling, Geoprobe® sampling, and drill rig sampling.

GEM Corp.’s Phase II ESA Report includes soil boring logs, scaled drawings showing sampling locations, presentation of analytical data in tabular format, and comparison of data to applicable regulatory criteria. GEM Corp. will present conclusions and provide recommendations for further investigation, if warranted.

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